The Pressure

Trying very hard to relieve the pressure.

At first look

I thought all I needed to do

Is gesture.

That would have been

Simple, yes?

But as always

What you need


Where you need to be

Isn’t always simple.

So, on this attempt

To elevate the pressure.

I will do as I’ve learnt

And never let the pressure turn.

Turn to stress

And not be able to see

What is in front of me.

Because this time

I will truly be divine.

And say

What pressure?


Stay in control,







The Stars

Dedicated to the memory of Lois Taylor



I can see the stars

As I jet to fulfill my destiny.

Seemingly never ending

As I approach

While viewing the scenery.

Never in doubt

Unless I’m fooled.

Fooled by other adventures

That are seemingly greater than mine.


I’ve been told

And now I’ve learned.

To keep my mines eye

Positively viewing forward.

Only until now

I thought the stars

Was for me to view.

But, instead I’ve learned

It is me

 I should see.

And what I advance toward

Is truly my own reflection.

So, going forward

I won’t have to look far.

Because it is me

And you

Who is the STAR.


We are all precious, as we look up and dream,



It sometimes may seem
Even thought
You’ve done all you could
Someone may say
It’s not enough.
The truth is
Whenever you do your best
It’s always enough
No matter how
Another may parcel it.
Because when you
Give it all you got
Your perfect.
Because perfection in you
Is doing all you can.

In truth, that’s all I got (have),

Just like before

 When I thought, I saw the light.

The light that would shine

Within my memories.

The memories that

Helped me to grow

Even though sometimes

The truth wouldn’t show.

Do you think you could believe?

Even though

You thought you hand it in your hand

Only to see

It was

Just like before.


Never stop believing,




Going straight
But not knowing exactly where you’re going.
It’s an endless path
That leads you to your eternity.
Slowly you unveil yourself
Hoping that life loves you.
Slowly you unveil yourself
To show life who you are.
Step by step
Each one just as meaningful as the first.
This I know
But how can you see
Who I am
When you don’t know where I’m going.
But I am
On my path of life.

Your path, my path, the path of life,

The Flow

The flow

Like life

Has its ups and downs.

Never blocking the light

Unless you yourself

Close your eyes.

The light firmly planted

Upon the horizon.

Always saying to you

In your mind.

“If you have faith

I will continue to be here for you

In support.

Because you are mankind

And I am your spirit.

Keeping you forever and everything safe

As long as you believe.”

You see

The flow

Isn’t a thing to be handled or played with.

Because it’s you and your everything.


Can you see and feel?

Thee and your Flow.


Keep it steppin,





I’ve Been Cool

“I do what you ask me, but still you find something to complain about”.

I’m sure everyone could speak those words sometime or another.

But it really is a question of

Do you appreciate me?

It could be a feeling that many may want to express

But for one reason or another they may choose not to,

So it falls on each of us to be thoughtful enough to

Pay attention.

I’ve been cool

Will you be cool too?  


Trying so hard to be cool,



Going Forward

From the day we are born
Life gives us a task
That challenges us every moment in our lives.
It is important how we react to situations that confront us.
I look back and see so many of my memories
Where I had to make decisions.
Sometimes they were easy and sometimes they were hard.
Like, as a child
If I would listen to the direction I was given
About right and wrong.
Or if I would leave the area where I grew up
To attend college.
Or how to correctly treat people.
And make the right choices in business.
These are only a few of the magnificent
Amount of things we all are faced with
During our life span.
But I’ve learned
That there is a concept that link them all
In a way of successfully dealing.
And that is
No matter what you encounter
Don’t get hung up in the situation.
Always Look and Go Forward.
Paying forward to go forward,

Begin to Win

I’m set, ready, and focused.

My eyes are on the sparrow.

Always watching and waiting to pounce

In the moment for me to begin.

All the time knowing

It’s about the

Beginning, middle and the end.

Not caring what’s on my left or right

Only aware of what’s behind me

Because it’s my foundation and how I stand.

But the space ahead

As I lean forward.

Is what I have prepared for.

It’s my future

My goal

The winning of the things that life hasn’t stole.

So as I reach the peak of this moment

I stand to let the wind blow

Through and around my body.

Because from start to end

I will always



Stand strong and you will never be alone,



Am I All Alone?

Sometimes I dream
That I’m all alone
In the middle of a desert
No one
And nothing
In any direction of my view
But am I all alone?
My mind sometimes thinks yes
But my heart and soul
Always feel different
They tell me to never give up
And don’t stop believing
As we all know
It’s important to bring your mind along
On your journey
All the time
Because without your mind to understand
I would have never known
That it was He
Who is with me all the time
And no
We’re never alone

He’s walking with us all the time,

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